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The patient resources for Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. are comprehensive. Our doctor proudly serves Pittston, PA and the surrounding areas with attention to detail. She understands that it can be challenging going through the vision care process. Stay ahead of your vision problems by visiting our office today in the Walmart Vision Center on Highway 315.

Give our office a call at (570) 883-9696 to schedule an appointment and most insurances are accepted.

To empower her patients with knowledge, Dr. Proleika provides a rich repository of educational materials. From brochures on common eye conditions to informative articles on eye health maintenance, these resources help patients understand their eye health better. Check out the forms below for the paperwork you need before visiting our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What to Expect When Visiting My Office for the First Time

When you visit Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. in Pittston, PA, you can expect a patient-focused experience. Our team offers a warm welcome, thorough eye evaluations using advanced technology, and a personalized approach to your eye health. Dr. Proleika will discuss your medical history, address concerns, and provide expert guidance on eyeglasses, contact lenses, or eye conditions. Dr. Proleika doesn’t sell eyeglasses or contacts, but the Walmart Vision Center does. We prioritize patient education, ensuring you understand your eye health and any necessary treatments. Whether you need stylish eyewear or contact lens solutions, expect exceptional service, ongoing support, and prompt attention to any emergencies. Your vision and eye health are our utmost concern. Schedule your appointment today for comprehensive and compassionate eye care.

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