About Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. in Pittston, PA

Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. Helps
Her Patients See Clearly

Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. is proud to serve Pittston, PA and the surrounding area’s vision needs. Your vision may be great today, but over time changes will occur. Let our trusted optometrist help you stay ahead of potential issues. She has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose a range of vision problems that can affect your gift of site.

If you are having issues with your vision, Dr. Suzanne Proleika O.D. can prescribe a variety of options. Do not allow yourself to miss out on a chance to see everything you want to in life. Give her office a call at (570) 883-9696 to schedule an appointment and most insurances are accepted. Her office is located in the Walmart Vision Center in Pittston and walk-ins are welcome on PA-315.

Experienced Eye Doctor for a Variety of Vision Needs

Make sure you can enjoy everything the world has to offer through your eyes. Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. knows what to look for when you are having vision problems. She will prescribe everything from standard to more advanced options.

  • Anti-reflective coatings
  • Anti-Scratch coatings
  • Mirror Coatings
  • Ultra-light lenses
  • Progressive lenses
  • Photochromatic lenses
  • Standard prescription lenses
  • Minor surgeries
  • Contact Lenses

Personalized Solutions for
Your Eye Care Needs

Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. offers compassionate and caring attention to all of her patients. She takes pride in carefully examining your situation, so you have a vision treatment solution that fits you. Do not allow your vision to fade away. Reach out to Dr. Proleika in the Walmart Vision Center in Pittston, PA. Walk-ins are welcome.

Most Eyes Insurances
Are Accepted for Payment

Dr. Suzanne Proleika, O.D. accepts a wide variety of vision insurances for your eye care needs. All patients should verify with our eye care center that we accept them prior to their appointment. Trust in her experience and expertise today to help you see your world clearly, every day.

For a trusted optometrist in Pittston, PA, choose Dr. Suzanne Proleika O.D.